Golf Rules and Tournament Guide

2023 Golf Committee Chairman
Mr. Ryan Routhe

2023 Golf Professional Staff
Jonathon Widmer
Head Golf Professional

Mike Stone
PGA Director of Instruction

Noah Noviski
1st Assistant Golf Professional & Certified Club Fitter

Pro Shop: 419-666-1472

How to make a Tee Time

Members make tee times in two ways:

  • Online: Members can log into the website at
  • Enter your account number and pin number
  • Select the Tee Times Tab
  • Members need to list all the names playing in the group
  • Members may make tee times up to one week in advance. 
  • Phone:  If a member does not want to login, they may call the golf shop directly at 419-666-1472 and speak with one of the professional staff on duty.
  • Members may call and speak to the professional staff if they are bringing a group of guests and need to book it out beyond one week.


The handicap committee asks that you post all rounds upon completion:

  • This includes individual scores made in team competition for both Match and Stroke play.
  • The Golf and Greens Committee will be comparing rounds played vs. rounds posted to ensure handicap accuracy for tournament play.
  • Post your score when you play at least 13 holes.  On holes you did not play, record a par plus any handicap strokes you would have received.
  • Post all nine hole rounds as the handicap system will combine two scores.  Once combined, the score will have a “C” after it.
  • Exception: Rounds played by yourself cannot be posted per the USGA.

Methods of Posting:

  • GHIN App.
  • Hand Scorecard into the Pro Shop.
  • For Away Scores not posted via GHIN App, you will need the slope and course rating of the tees played.

Know your Handicap Index:

  • It’s the number you get in the form of a whole number and decimal fraction (ex. 11.6)
  • Your index is not your handicap; it simply leads you to your handicap based on the course and set of tees you will play.

Convert your index to your handicap:

  • Use the Handicap Table that is posted at every golf course or GHIN App.
  • Locate your index for the slope of the tees you will be playing and get your handicap for the day (ex. 11.6 converts to handicap 14 on tees with slope 132).

Adjust your score properly before posting:

  • The maximum score for each hole played is limited to a net double bogey – which is equal to Par of the hole + 2 strokes (double bogey) + any handicap strokes the player is entitled to receive on that hole based on their Course Handicap.

Tournament Guidelines

What do I need to know about Tournament Participation:

  • All participants must sign up with the golf shop prior to tournament deadline.
  • In case of inclement weather, all entry fees paid in advance will be refunded if the tournament is cancelled.
  • USGA Rules will govern all BCC tournaments.
  • Rules sheets will be provided for major tournaments.
  • The tournament committee reserved the right to adjust handicaps at their discretion.
  • If a player has an emergency he/she must let the committee or pro shop know as soon as possible when forced to drop from any tournament.
  • In case of LIGHTENING:  USGA Rules state that a player does not have to continue play if he feels there is threatening weather.  You may mark your ball and take cover any time in which you feel threatened.
  • The signals for suspended play will blast throughout the course.
  • *This is for your protection – it is also disqualification under USGA Rules.
  • Rulings will be made by the tournament committee and the committee’s decision will be final.

Always check with the golf shop to review and understand rules posted.

Golf Attire, Etiquette, Pace of Play


  • Dress code applies to the golf course, practice facilities and clubhouse.
  • Members are responsible to make sure their guests are appropriately attired.
  • During the Golf Season, the BCC dress code prohibits the wearing of jeans, cargo pants/shorts, shirts without collars for men and tank tops for ladies.


  • Golf is best played by adhering to the following two principles:
  • Play the ball as it lies.
  • Play and leave the Course as you find it ~ OR BETTER!

Leave the course as you find it means: 

  • Repair ball marks.
  • Replace divots!!  Only use sand when you cannot replace your divot.
  • Rake bunkers.
  • Obey cart regulations.

Pace of Play:

  • The pace of play is a continuing focus of the golf operation.
  • Starting, turn, and finishing times are closely monitored.
  • Players who fail to keep up with the pace of play will be penalized.
  • Punishments for violations will vary depending on the circumstance and number of offenses.
  • Tournament pace of play issues may result in stroke penalties to individuals and teams.
  • Continued issues with pace of play may result in suspensions based upon our Board of Directors Golf Rules.

Guest Fees

The following rates are in effect for 2023:

Guest Green Fees including cart

  • Tuesday through Thursday      $65.00
  • Friday through Sunday            $85.00
  • Family                                      $50.00
  • Unaccompanied                       $120.00


Family Guest

  • A son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandchild, father, mother, brother, sister, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law.


  • An unaccompanied guest has a tee time made by a member that cannot accompany this guest.  It may also apply to special requests from golf professionals at other courses seeking to get a tee time for their members if their home course is not available. 
  • Unaccompanied guests may not have priority tee times such as play before 10:30 am or weekends before Noon.

Number of Guest Rounds Allowed:

  • The same guest shall be allowed to play no more than a TOTAL of five (5) rounds per calendar year.


Belmont Country Club is proud to have Mike Stone, P.G.A., as Director of Instruction.

Topics include:

  • Full Swing
  • Pitching and Chipping
  • Bunker Play
  • Club-Fitting and Gapping
  • Uneven Lies
  • Playing Lessons
  • Putting
  • Junior Clinics and Camps
  • Lessons for all ages and skill levels

Mike may be reached directly on his cell at 419-944-7678

Lessons are available through any of our Golf Professionals. Call the Golf Shop for more details. 419-666-1472. 

Social Member Course Usage

  • Social members have use of the course in a limited capacity.
  • Social members will have five (5) starts at golf per calendar year.
  • A social member may bring up to three (3) guests for each of those 5 starts.
  • A social member and any guests will pay the regular guest/cart fee for the day of play
  • If a social member and spouse or dependent child play together, that counts as two (2) of the 5 starts of golf.
  • A social member may not play 10 starts of 9 hole rounds.
  • No rainchecks will be given.
  • Social members and their guests are responsible to adhere to all golf rules and to be in proper golf attire.
  • If a social member plays with a regular golf member, that counts at one of the 5 starts allotted.
  • Social members must follow the same rules as regular guests when it comes to tee times and shall not have priority tee times.