Guest Information

Welcome to beautiful Belmont Country Club! Belmont established its reputation, beginning in 1968 after the W.W. Knight family generously turned their dairy farm to a gun club, which transitioned to the premiere golf course it is today.  Our club is named for the area the Knight family migrated from ~ Belmont, New York. Since our inception, the club and its members have extended warm hospitality to many guests and dignitaries visiting the area. Whether you are attending an event, club tournament, wedding or joining a member for a round of golf, we hope you enjoy our small town hospitality and treasured amenities.

The information below will help you better enjoy your time at Belmont Country Club:

Clubhouse Phone Number:(419) 666-0440
Golf Shop Phone Number:(419) 666-1472
Tennis Activity Center Phone Number:(419) 666-3454
Pool Pavilion (In season) Phone Number:(419) 666-3515

Golf Bag Drop

Upon arrival, guests should drive directly into the circular drive and drop their bag at the stone bag stand.  They may ring the bell and one our Belmont’s outside service staff will drive up and secure their bag on a cart. Upon departure, golf bags will be picked up in the same area.

Golf Club Rental

On occasion, you may not have clubs in your possession.  Please let the golf shop staff know, and they will be happy to provide you a set of our rental clubs for a nominal fee.  We have invested in quality, name-brand clubs to serve your needs.

Changing Shoes

Shoes should not to be changed in the parking lot. Please come to the Men’s or Women’s Locker Room where our locker room attendants will be happy to show you our locker facilities.

Soft Spikes Required

Everyone who plays at Belmont Country Club must wear non-metal or spikeless golf shoes.  To accommodate guest who do not have them, Soft spikes will be installed in the locker rooms at no charge.

Cellular Phone Etiquette

The use of a cell phone is allowed anywhere in the Clubhouse and on the Club property, and should be set on the lowest ringtone volume as to not disturb others. 

Golf Course Dress Code


All golfers must wear a golf shirt. No t-shirts are allowed. All shirts must be tucked in and worn neatly. Any golfer wearing a cap or visor must wear the hat with the bill facing forward. Please remove caps and visors when entering the Clubhouse. No jeans, cargo or cutoff shorts are permitted. Knee-length shorts are proper attire.


Female shirts that are designed to be untucked are appropriate. Shirts and shorts that are designed for golf are appropriate, regardless of length. Apparel designed for tennis or yoga are NOT permitted.

The above dress code applies on the course and on all the practice areas.  Children playing golf will observe the same dress code as adults.

Golf Carts

Golf carts are available to members and their guests.  All guests are required to ride regardless of age.

Pace of Play

Even though our course may be considered more difficult than other area courses, slow play is frowned upon.  Please be prepared to play in 4 hours or less.  The golf shop staff will monitor the pace of play and assist members and guests throughout the round, as needed.

To improve your pace of play, please be prepared to play at all times. Always carry an extra ball. Be ready to hit when it is your turn and feel free to play ready golf. Play from the tee box that fits your skill level. If uncertain of club selection, please take two or three clubs with you to the ball.

Dress Code for Other Areas of the Club


Swim attire is appropriate at the pool only.  If you are coming to the clubhouse, you must wear proper cover-ups and do not come in wet.


If you are in the clubhouse, country club casual is appropriate for men, women and children.  Jackets and ties are not required for dinner in our Main Dining Room.  Specific events may have a different dress code and would be communicated with the event invitation.

Tennis Activity Center

Proper tennis attire is required to use our indoor and outdoor courts at all times.  No gym attire, running shorts, or athleisure clothes permitted. Proper court shoes are also necessary; please refrain from walking on the courts with street shoes or sandals.

Members are responsible for their guests’ attire and should communicate this with them before arriving to use the clubs facilities.

Thank you for visiting Belmont Country Club. If there is anything we can do to make your visit memorable and more comfortable, do not hesitate to contact us.